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                                                                     Free delivery in Staten Island

                                                           Salads and cold appetizers

                                                                  Platter for 10 people

 Greek Salad  $32.00

 Cesar Salad w/grilled chicken or shrimps  $34.00

 Fresh vegetable Salad  $29.00

 Baby spinach Salad W/fresh mozzarella and blue cheese dressing $40.00

 Tomato mozzarella Salad  $40.00

  Avocado Salad  $32.00

  Assorted pickled vegetables  $27.00

  Assorted smoked fish (lox, butter fish)  $41.00

  Smoked eel Salad  $41.00

  Oriental kani Salad  $34.00

  Assorted eggplants  $34.00

  Hot Appetizers

  Platter for 10 people

  Pan-fried  potato with mushrooms  $32.00

  Fried calamari rings  $38.00

  Pan fried veal liver cubes  $41.00

  Cheburek whet beef, hachapuri whit cheese $4.00

  Main course

  Platter for 10 peopler

  Assorted shish-kabobs (lamb, chicken, beef, lamb ribs)  $110.00

  Uzbek-style plov (choice of lamb, beef or chicken)  $75.00

  Salomon shish-kabob  $87.00

  Assorted seafood platter (shrimps, mussels, scallops)  $110.00

  Beef or lamb stew with vegetables  $63.00

  Assorted steak platter (rib eye steak, skirt steak)  $138.00

  All main course comes with side dish of your choice (rice, grilled veget, panfride patato, pasta)


  Assorted fruit platter for 10 people  $50.00

  Assorted pastries platter for 10 people  $40.00

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